1.Place your products in the basket. Click once for one item, or for average pack size (products by weight will be calculated in detail before payment is due)

2.Fill in your email address

3.Click checkout button

4.Click delivery option

5.Fill in your contact details and delivery address

6.Press continue

7.Standard shipping should come up calculated on total weight of package, or choose local delivery and call or email for a time and date

8.Check your order is correct, then click place order button.

9.You will receive an estimated delivery date with the order confirmation, please check your inbox for further instructions and delivery dates

10. let us know if your products are to be sent fresh or frozen, UNFORTUNATELY WE CANNOT SEND BOTH IN THE SAME SHIPPING BOX

11. because a lot of items are sold by weight we can only send you an estimate, so when your order is ready ship we'll get in touch with a final invoice if you owe us, or a refund for the balance.

Our reputation is based on your experience of our foods and service

Please note that all weights are average: buy your products, the weight will be added up, you will be invoiced once, and the balance will need to be paid before final shipping, or a refund issued

Private parties and cookery lessons

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